Printing & clipboard-exchange - kludgy workaround for DOSBox under Windows (revived)

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Printing & clipboard-exchange - kludgy workaround for DOSBox under Windows (revived)

Postby emendelson » 2017-4-20 @ 13:09

A locked thread about this workaround may be found here, with most of the relevant information in the first post:


Thanks to changes in DropBox, this new download address should be used instead of the one in the first post (the address won't work after DropBox shuts down its Public folder feature): ...

Also, one added detail:

When setting this method up, if you're using it with a dosbox.conf that loads a program and then exits DOSBox, the necessary drive assignment (added by DOSBoxPrinter.exe) won't have any effect. If that happens, add this line to your DOSBox.conf, somewhere in autoexec.bat, but before your program launches:

Code: Select all
mount P Printout

No need to add a full path; no need for colons or backslashes, just what you see there.

I hope this method is still useful. The original thread got blocked because it drifted off into irrelevant questions that had already been answered in other threads, and the person who asked the irrelevant questions simply wouldn't stop asking them.
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