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In ms-dos you can show what you have in a map by just typing dir.
whenn you press dir/d then he shows the same only now with out the date of creat.
also when you type this dir/s he shows everything in that map but also if you have another map in that map he shows that information as well.

Could /s and /d be added to the next version of dosbox, because this is pretty usefull when you want to create a list with all your stuff what you got.

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An easier way of doing this is using 4DOS. It is a shell command extender.

If you have difficulty using this "plugin" then try out D.O.G. 1.54 (NOT 1.53) with a profile with no exe set, but with 4DOS expantion set to "On".

How to :
Profile Manager (New/Edit Profile) -> Clear Exe Filename -> DOS -> 4DOS, Set to expand.

See the generated DOSBox-conf on how to do it.


Read the new FAQ.doc

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use your host operating system to directory lists if you want them to be an a specific format

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