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Errius wrote:

I'm intrigued by this "Dragonfly" game. Who made it? I assume (from the file date) it was produced in 1994?

It's older than that - I changed the file date at some point. I don't have any more information about it I'm afraid. I think it came from a friend but I don't remember which one and I'm not in contact with any friends I was swapping disks with back then either. Even if I was I doubt they would remember where they got it from. The file doesn't contain any copyright or authorship information, and appears to have been written in assembly (it's very small and doesn't seem to use C calling conventions or typical C library bits). It's quite simple and could easily have been just someone's hobby project, though the title screen does look really nice for an amateur game.

Errius wrote:

I assume it supports the Amstrad digital joystick too?

The in-game text mentions joystick support. However, the digital joystick just generates the same scancodes as the cursor keys so games didn't really need "support" (and indeed lots of games not designed for the digital joystick just worked with it anyway).

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Text adventures. Some of the Magnetic Scolls adventures, like Knight Orc (1987), have an "Amstrad PC 1512" video option which I assume renders the graphics in 16 colors.

Edit: No, what the game calls "MGA" aka "Amstrad PC 1512" mode is just monochrome CGA. It's intended for Amstrads with monochrome monitors and does not display any color.

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reenigne wrote on 2008-04-13, 16:05:

In 7 years of PC1512 usage, I only came across two pieces of software that used the mode (other than programs written in BASIC 2 and programs I had written myself).

Resurrecting an old thread, but that's an interesting topic!
There are two more games that support PC 1512 mode, while not supporting anything else except CGA: 'Top Gun' and 'Les Ripoux'.
And there could be more of them...