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Re: Copy Protection & Image Formats

Postby Akuma » 2019-8-02 @ 10:19

NewRisingSun wrote:
FeedingDragon wrote:Going to do a bit more testing on that game (Ultima IV) and see if I can figure out what is going wrong (eventually.) It results in a "packed file is corrupt" error message.
That is the result of Origin applying an older version of Microsoft EXEPACK to AVATAR.EXE. Normally, the ideal solution would be to unpack the executable file with the UNP utility, but this is not an option because Origin's OSI-1 keydisk check prevents UNP from detecting the EXEPACK compression. The solution is to invoke the game with loadfix, e.g. "loadfix ultima".
FeedingDragon wrote:PCE has a problem "auto" detecting composite mode with Ultima II & III. Right now I'm digging to see if I can find that program I "used" to use to force composite mode triggering back when DOSBox didn't have "auto", "on", & "off" mode available.
PCE does not support 320x200 based composite mode at all, as far as I know.

If anyone runs into this problem in the future: UNP has a (t)race option that solves this problem, havent tested this situation. But I have unpacked many other enveloped files that obscure the exepack signature. The trace option is hit or miss but certainly worth a try.
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