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Postby troydm » 2018-12-03 @ 22:39

Yesterplay80 wrote:Just a question: You defined values up to 200, which, if I get this right, amplifies the gain by the given value. So the default value, 100, results in a gain of 1.
If that's so, isn't a maximum value of 65535 (655 times the normal gain) a bit much? And wouldn't 0 mute the gain entirely?

Yes correct, 0 would mute the gain entirely, that way you can for example mute reverb or mute output and leave only reverb.
The default value for mt32emu output gain and reverb gain are both 1.0 so leaving 100 as default just keeps settings default.
And yes 65536 is a bit too much you can lower the value anyway you want. I for my setup usually use 300 for output and 150 for reverb
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