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AvalonH wrote on 2020-02-12, 17:45:
What sample rate do others use for the following settings in the config file : […]
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What sample rate do others use for the following settings in the config file :

dosbox mixer=

At the moment I have all the above set at 49716.
If I set the correct rates to stop any sample rate conversion, mt32.rate=32000 I get muffled sound. Setting the dosbox mixer to 32000khz to match the mt32 fixes it, but then games that also use the SB16 for digital audio sound muffled. I guess there isn't an optimum setting when using two sound devices without having to use sample rate conversion.

With mt32, you can set that to anything and it's fine unless you do mt32.analog=3, which may playback at the wrong rate. So if it sounds muffled, set MT32.analog to 2 first before changing the frequency. mt32.analog=2 is 48000.

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Strange Question here,
I am using genuine midi hardware (Um-One MK2 and a SC-55 MKII, SC-8850 and an MT-32).
When playing a game that uses pure General Midi i get often hanging notes. It's not at the same places in the midi song but sooner or later a note will hang until i reset the midi module.
All my midi modules exhibit the same issue with Dosbox ECE R4301 and newer versions like R4178.

When i duplicate the profile to a normal vanilla dosbox 0.74 the issue is not present.

These are my settings for the midi on all dosbox profiles , 0.74 , ECE_r4301 & r4178.

mpu401 = intelligent
mididevice = win32
midiconfig = 0 delaysysex (0= coolsoft midi mapper that goes to my um-one module, 5 = the um-one module directly but both have the same issue)

Anyone has an idea to fix this ?

Many thanks !