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Hi all

Does anyone have a mirror for the now obsolete DosBox MEGABUILD 6?

I am looking for some method to print to a jpg / bmp / or pdf from DosBox. I am trying to print from a vintage office software under Windows 3.1

In the past I was using DosBox SVN-LFN build.

Unfortunately I am having no luck printing to a virtual PDF printer with this build. Printing to LPT1 works great, but I have had no luck with a virtual "print to pdf" printer. No files ever get generated.

I think Megabuild 6 might work for me; but it looks like HAL9000's site and build links are long dead.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Ive tried VDOSPLUS but unfortunately it cannot run windows 3.1.

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Has anyone itemized the patches from Daum, Megabuild, etc. to see which are current and which are unmaintained? Lots of people seem to complain about their favorite pet features not being included in mainline, but tracking patches in a centralized location is a rather more realistic way to prevent those features from dying on the floor.

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