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Hi guys,
in theese days i was trying to merge and compile the em-dosbox version with the one that i discovered in this topic : Dosbox SVN r4019 + savestates Build (Alpha)

The merge was done with "Winmerge", so maybe something is missing or incorrect.
The Savestates SVN versione uses SDL 1.2.15 instead the 2.0 which is the one we are using here.

Seems it's working, indeed it runs well with the packaged games, it saves the states, but when i try to resume the savestate it crash with an error code.

It's going like this because during the build it gaves me theese warnings:

warning: unresolved symbol: _Z20CPU_Core_Dyn_X86_Runv 
warning: unresolved symbol: _Z25CPU_Core_Dyn_X86_Trap_Runv
warning: unresolved symbol: _Z28CPU_Core_Dyn_X86_Cache_Resetv
warning: unresolved symbol: IPX_AES_EventHandler_PIC_Event
warning: unresolved symbol: IPX_ClientLoop_PIC_Timer
warning: unresolved symbol: IPX_ServerLoop_PIC_Timer

I'm new in all of this and i didn't see a topic where someone discuss this porting of dosbox with emscripten, so i'm here and i hope somone can figure out what's wrong and possible solutions. Thanks 😀

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I'm not familiar with emscripten. AFAIK savestate code doesn't use SDL functions (well, except for SDL_PauseAudio()), so SDL1 vs SDL2 shouldn't matter much.

Currently I'm busy troubleshooting a game stutter issue. I will give it a shot this weekend, but, I have to understand this port first.

Meanwhile if the DOSBox compilation guide comes alive, I may have to switch. So, don't expect much from me. Also if you reach out to bruenor41, he might help too.

Dosbox SVN r4019 + savestates Build (Alpha)
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Thanks, I'm trying to figure out what it could be, because the three functions about the cpu that give the warnings are present even in the base Dosbox version, instead the other warnings are generated from the Savestate build code that we merged.

I'll continue searching and waiting for some updates 😀

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Removed link.

We don't support abandonware here and don't like people advertising it.

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