How do you use .fx shaders in freebasic?

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How do you use .fx shaders in freebasic?

Postby Lassar » 2018-7-01 @ 17:25

I have been google-ing on how to use shaders in directx and have not been able to find much.

Since some versions of dosbox uses fx shaders.

So I thought that I would ask about it here.

Maybe you could point me to other websites or tutorials to get started.

What I want to do is use some scalers shaders in freebasic.

I am especially interested in Super 2×SaI shader.
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Re: How do you use .fx shaders in freebasic?

Postby root42 » 2018-7-01 @ 21:20

Oh dear, I haven't truly developing stuff under Windows for a loooong time, but .fx are Direct3D shaders, iirc.

However, I have absolutely no idea if FreeBasic easily supports D3D development. You better ask their community, they can probably help.

You should definitely read up on D3D programming to get a grasp of the concepts.

Also see Microsoft's documentation: ... de-effects
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