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I would like to report some mistakes in 'HU' (Hungarian) keyboard layout. I ask somebody who is able to modify the following version to make these changes. The first three modification probably needs only changing some characters in the source code.

DOSBox v0.74-2, Windows 7 SP1 Hungarian.
The standard 102-key Hungarian layout uses code page 852 (with several important characters available only with AltGr, unfortunately). DOSBox follows the standard very well, but with a few mistakes.

- scan code #1 (US ` ~) now produces "í Í" (LC:U+00ED and UC:U+00CD), with AltGr produces "0" (U+0030). Entering "0" is very inconvenient this way. The proper key press result would be "0 §" (LC:U+0030 [and UC:U+00A7]), AltGr combination is obsolete.
- scan code #45 (decimal) (no standard US equivalent) now produces "\ |" (LC:U+005C and UC:U+007C). The proper result would be "í Í" (LC:U+00ED and UC:U+00CD).
- scan code #13 (decimal) (US = +) now produces "= Ó" (LC:U+003D and UC:U+00D3), with AltGr produces "¸" (U+00B8). The proper result would be "ó Ó" (LC:U+00F3 and keep UC:U+00D3), AltGr combination is correct. This problem is critical.

- scan code #2, #3, #4 keys (US 1! 2@ 3#) with Shift key produce ' " and + characters (U+0027, U+0022, U+002B) which are proper results. But when they are pressed then the keyboard driver waits for the next key press. If the next entered character can be combined with them for a Hungarian accented letter (áéíóúöü) the we receive these characters instead of the required ' " + characters. This is a standard method with AltGr for other accent marks, but in these cases that is obsolete and interfering function, and it would be well to disengage that. This problem is critical.

Thank you in advance for your kind help.