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Hi, sorry if this is not the right forum. Sorry my english

I was checking dosbox source, because i was thinking to add a "reset" function

I discover there is a "control-alt-home" that close dosbox, and open again, but this break all magic 😀

My idea is just a reset keyboard combination, like a reset button, i want to forget im in windows, but sadly MANY games need a restart because no proper quit funcion, or hangs, etc and every time this happens, the magic is gone... im not in "DOS" anymore

Any ideas how to implement, will be appreciated. I dont ask developers to do, just i will try myself, but accept ideas


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DOSBox-X has a good example on how to do this.

There's already code to exit DOSBox SVN if throwing an int(0), DOSBox-X throws an int(3) to break out of emulation and emulate a reset.

This might be a good starting point:

https://github.com/joncampbell123/dosbox-x/bl … emory.cpp#L1311

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