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Conan (Floppy) configured with Tandy video errors/exits out with "Corrupt MCB Chain" after intro/loading main UI using SVN (tested 4254/4258), but not in .74/.74-3 (all configured with machine=tandy of course).

Loadfix (any/all values from 1-64) allows the game to work properly in SVN 425x.

I noticed the starting available conventional memory on .74x is 600KB versus 616KB in SVN 425x (with machine=tandy) - why the 16KB difference?

(BTW, why have the extended/expanded memory sizes changed from 15168 in .74x to 14912 in recent SVN (memsize=16)? Is this 256KB difference a cosmetic correction or technical?)

Also, on a whim, I tested .74-3 and SVN 4258 in machine=pcjr mode, and noticed .74-3 allocates configured UMBs, whereas SVN 4258 does not.

However, running the MEM command a second time on .74-3 (machine=pcjr) results in DOSBox hanging/locking (running under Windows) - fantastic bug.

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0.74-3 doesn't have any of the compatibility fixes of SVN just backports for easier compiling and major bugs.

It's being looked into.

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