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I thought I'd delve in and see if I can fix this bug myself.

I compiled DOSBOX SVN using Mingw and guess what - bug already squashed. Thanks to whoever fixed that config bug!

Hi all! I think I found a bug, or at least, would love to know how to fix it.

dosbox 0.74-3
game: Tie Fighter 95 collectors

Problem: setting joystick parameters in .conf works, but setting /identical/ configuration using the conf tool breaks it.

how to reproduce.
The following configuration works:


If I start the game, it detects the joystick.
However, the following commands result in the joystick not being detected.

config -set "joystick joysticktype 2axis"
config -set "joystick buttonwrap true"

In fact, this demonstrates the bug:
- start with above config file
- start game. joystick works. quit game.
- restart dosbox, same config file
- type the config commands
- run config -get to confirm all is well
- start game. joystick doesn't work.

In both instances, config -get tells me the exact same settings. I'm not sure why this would happen?

I'm trying to make a smart dos experience for my kids. I want them to use the console, CD around and start games. But each game, of course, has different configurations. So, I was loading the config parameters into a batch file before starting a particular game, so that its seamless.

thoughts? Thanks!

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I used config -writeconf to write out my configuration.

Again, this seems like a bug.
1) writeconf my dosbox start config loaded from my .conf file, to test1.conf
2) use config -set to set /any single/ joystick parameter, to the same as in the .conf file
3) writeconf again to test2.conf
4) diff shows the two conf files are identical. However, before #2, joystick works in game. After #2, it doesn't.