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I play BlockOut and I am wondering if it is possible to adjust its BlockOut source code in some way and then run it in an online DOS emulator.
There is a game called BlockOut2 , that you must download,
and in that it is possible to upload the score to a global, ranking website server.

But I want to play BlockOut online , in a browser.
There are many versions of BlockOut for a browser, but then it is not possible to upload the score to a server.
When I restart my browser the score is erased.

Is it possible to adjust the BlockOut source code in some way , run it in an online DOS emulator , to be able to upload the score from the browser ?

I want to be able to play BlockOut in a browser, upload my score to a server that rank my score with everyone else and be able to filter out who is best in what country and so on.

The source code to BlockOut2 is on sourceforge.
Is it better to adjust that code and get that to run in a browser?

Or does anyone have a better idea on how to do this?


I am ranked number 29 in BlockOut2 on Level: "Out of control".
http://www.blockout.net/blockout2/worldrankin … php?setupid=458