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Hi, greetings, im doing some custom dosbox build for my personal use in my 1280x800 screen laptop, i want pixel perfect scaling, and decide for 4x4 for 320x200, 2x4 for 640x200, 2x2 for 640x350 and 640x400, etc

I have a question for my hercules build, hercules is 720x348, any ideas if is possible to center the image horizontal? i check the code, but did not find any way


Same happen with 640x480, that 800 is not enought for 2x480, i will love to center in this case, vertically

thanks for any help

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it's kinda hard to suggest things if we don't know what you are changing code wise.
maybe you are a looking for the sdl.clip.x and sdl.clip.y

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