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I'm running dosbox on the Nintendo switch through retroarch.
I found the files of "Blood" and "duke nukem" in my old stuff and would like to run it.
So far I only tried with "blood".
Trough dosbox on the Pc (w10) it works great, but not on the switch.
It's lagging strongly and the sound is distorded.
I tried to edit the DOSBox-SVN.opt file.
All I managed was giving it more memory.
But the CPU settings are to complicate for me even with the wiki.

Could someone please give me a help?

dosbox_svn_adv_options = "false"
dosbox_svn_aspect_correction = "true"
dosbox_svn_core_timing = "internal_fixed"
dosbox_svn_cpu_core = "full"
dosbox_svn_cpu_cycles = "100000"
dosbox_svn_cpu_cycles_fine = "0"
dosbox_svn_cpu_cycles_limit = "100000"
dosbox_svn_cpu_cycles_mode = "fixed"
dosbox_svn_cpu_cycles_multiplier = "10000"
dosbox_svn_cpu_cycles_multiplier_fine = "1000"
dosbox_svn_cpu_type = "auto"
dosbox_svn_disney = "off"
dosbox_svn_emulated_mouse = "false"
dosbox_svn_emulated_mouse_deadzone = "30%"
dosbox_svn_gus = "false"
dosbox_svn_gusbase = "240"
dosbox_svn_gusdma = "3"
dosbox_svn_gusirq = "5"
dosbox_svn_gusrate = "44100"
dosbox_svn_ipx = "false"
dosbox_svn_joystick_timed = "false"
dosbox_svn_machine_cga_composite_mode = "0"
dosbox_svn_machine_cga_model = "0"
dosbox_svn_machine_hercules_palette = "0"
dosbox_svn_machine_type = "svga_s3"
dosbox_svn_memory_size = "64"
dosbox_svn_midi = "false"
dosbox_svn_mouse_speed_factor_x = "1.00"
dosbox_svn_mouse_speed_factor_y = "1.00"
dosbox_svn_pcspeaker = "false"
dosbox_svn_save_overlay = "false"
dosbox_svn_sblaster_base = "220"
dosbox_svn_sblaster_dma = "1"
dosbox_svn_sblaster_hdma = "5"
dosbox_svn_sblaster_irq = "7"
dosbox_svn_sblaster_opl_emu = "default"
dosbox_svn_sblaster_opl_mode = "auto"
dosbox_svn_sblaster_type = "sb16"
dosbox_svn_scaler = "none"
dosbox_svn_tandy = "off"
dosbox_svn_use_options = "true"

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The retroarch version isn't supported here. You'll need to ask on their forums what settings will possibly enable playable game play or experiment yourself. Duke3d doesn't need 64m of memory.

Decrease your game resolution to bare minimum, lower all in game settings, decrease in-game view. If frameskip is available then use that. DOS32A may provide a benefit. Ideally there should be a port of eduk32 or nblood instead of using dosbox.

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