help me!!!!

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help me!!!!

Postby petertohen » 2017-9-13 @ 14:08

Hello I am trying to get this game to work off iso files there are 3 for the cds. The game calls that you enter them each missions you play..

the file is lb.exe
installed 100% successfully at C:\JANES\longbow gold

I have the 3 iso in that folder called

Is there a code I can enter into the autoexec to get this working?
I have tried this for the autoexec, I found off another site..

imgmount e
"c:\janes\longbow gold\JLBGCD103F_1.iso"
"c:\janes\longbow gold\JLBGCD103F_2.iso"
"c:\janes\longbow gold\JLBGCD103F_3.iso" -t iso
mount c c:\janes\longbow gold\

but I get this error.. ... 23rv7w.png

Can anyone fix my autoexec code to make it work? It would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: help me!!!!

Postby collector » 2017-9-13 @ 14:25

Your link is broken. Also, you will want to ask DOSBox questions in the DOSBox forum. viewforum.php?f=33
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Re: help me!!!!

Postby clueless1 » 2017-9-13 @ 14:36

In addition to collector's comments, PLEASE make usefully descriptive subject lines. People are more likely to provide help if they know what you need help with, without having to click into the topic and read it.
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Re: help me!!!!

Postby DosFreak » 2017-9-13 @ 14:54


Mostly due to topic title but also for so called "abandonware".

Ask for help from the place you downloaded the game.
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