Could not locate CD Drive

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Could not locate CD Drive

Postby silencer_ar » 2018-2-14 @ 14:33

Hi! I'm trying to run the menu for an old shareware colection, The Shareware Extravaganza (disc 1). The link to the iso file can be found here: ... 993%29.iso

The problem is that when I run EXTRA.BAT, that in turn runs RUNPL.EXE, I get the message "Could not locate CD Drive!"

I tried playing with the options mentioned in the wiki ( ... _ROM_drive) but with no luck yet.

Do you have any out of the box suggestions? I'm using DosBox 0.74.

I have tried installing DOS 6.22 in Virtualbox with MSCDEX and it works fine (although games run slow, that's why I don't want to use virtualbox)

Thank you!
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