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I am trying to install the cd version of flashback but now the install freezes in dosbox 0.73. I am using the latest freeware version of xxcopy and have followed the instructions for installing it in dosbox. After entering in "install c fb", I get the following message:
XXCOPY == Freeware == Ver 2.93.1 (C)1995-2006 Pixelab, Inc.
Create the new directory, C:\FB\INSTALL.EXE (Yes/No)?

At that time, dosbox freezes up and I have to kill dosbox. Any suggestions?

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The answer was in front of me all of the time. Another way to get the flashback cd to use xcopy, all you have to do is run the install.bat in windows command and exit the game configuration menu. After that you copy the fb directory to your dosbox game directory and run the install.exe from the fb directory. If your CDrom drive is a different letter in dosbox, you have to edit "go.bat" in the fb directory to change it to the drive letter of your mounted cdrom drive in dosbox. Now I have sound and music with mt-32 selected as the midi device. I wonder if this helps other games that install with xcopy. Please do tell.

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Going through my old .vfd archives (personal backups from my originals; not pirated versions), I found out that STEEL EMPIRE does rely on XCOPY to install.
My workaround was simple: just monut the vfd files and xcopy'ing them using the XP Command prompt, Doxbox'ing the hdd folder for accurate gameplay.

(yeah, this is an old thread but just wanted to add that game to the list)

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SHRAK for Quake, has the same issue.
There is a binary (SHRAK\ST.EXE) which makes an internal call to XCOPY with /E and /V parameters, so it can't easily be modified as it could be if the binary was a batch file.

I extracted xcopy.exe from Freedos' bin directory, and re-located it within a sub-directory of the dosbox directory, then pointed to this directory within the PATH environment variable in the .conf file, as mentioned in the steps of page 1.

This solved the issue and SHRAK could be installed.

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