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DOSBOX 0.70: NO problems installing and starting the game... only one problem: screen always become jerky, is shaking during the race... this doesn't happen in menus and intro. Using normal sb16 sound and max quality ingame option settings. I have original Micromachines 2 Special edition cdrom (with track editor) ... I'm italian, bought in italy... so european version I think. I mounted cdrom like this: "mount d d:\ -t cdrom -label MICRO_M_2 -ioctl"

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(Hey, if you don't mind me asking, is it really called Micro Machines 2 Special Edition? Almost every reference I've seen calls it Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament.)

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i dont know about special edition. but i own mm2 and on mine it is turbo tournament. i think theyre the same thing...
funb game though, havent played it in 5 years or so. track editing is good. and the music is cool, from what i remember. but i was like 12 at the time 😁