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The major obstacle I faced was finding a VESA driver that worked in DOSBox and that the installer would recognize so I could coax it into running.

Thanks to swaaye and his topic I had a few to try out. UNIVBE 6.7 was not recognized by Ripper. Unfortunate since this would have been simple to use. SciTech Display Doctor 6.53-d gave me various bizarre results. The installer would run however I couldn't see it. At one point I had just the top 1/4 of the screen. At another I could see the left side, and the interface is at the far right. Then I tried SciTech Display Doctor 5.3a-d. Finally I could see the complete display and proceed with installing the game. I wound up doing this in 4 stages.

1. Setting up SciTech Display Doctor 5.3a-d.
I set up a folder C:\DOS\VESA and extracted the zip file there, then used DOSBox to run the installer. Next I ran UNICENTR to configure it and UNIVBE to launch the driver for Ripper. Once I knew it was going to work I went through the hassle of registering with the codes given in the archive. It's a lowercase 5.x and 5 0s. I moved this folder into the one where I would eventually install Ripper. This is also where I had images of the 6 disks.

2. Running the installer for Ripper.
I typed the commands into DOSBox.conf so if I screwed up I wouldn't have to retype everything.
MOUNT C C:\DOS\GAMES\RIPPER -t dir -freesize 400
IMGMOUNT D C:\DOS\GAMES\RIPPER\Ripper-1.iso -t iso

This loaded the driver and got the installer running. After that I just clicked on continue twice, waited, looked over the sound setting, clicked save, changed the video setting, and saved again.

3. Setting up shortcuts to run Ripper.
I still have to load the driver each time I launch Ripper or the setup program. So I made text documents. RIPPER.BAT.txt and SETUP.BAT.txt

RIPPER contains:

SETUP contains:

I removed the .txt extension and placed these batch files in C:\DOS\GAMES\RIPPER

4. Patching Ripper.
I found the 1.03 and 1.05 patches at JAVE. All I had to do was extract them to C:\DOS\GAMES\RIPPER\RIPPER and allow them to overwrite the files there. 1.03 has 8 files. 1.05 has 3 files.

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Have you tried S3VBE

I just tried S3VBE 3.18, it appears to work and is a lot simpler to load. Thanks for the suggestion.

Please try some clean cvs build

Not sure what you mean by "clean" however I downloaded HAL 9000's Mega Build since it lists VESA.
Changed none of the settings in conf.
Default machine=svga_s3
Installer works.

I haven't gotten into playing the game that much but on a visual comparison the 3 I tried are the same quality.

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wd wrote:

Please try some clean cvs build and check out the additional machine=
settings (especially the vesa_something ones) if they fix the installer.

Right, both the installer and game (patched to 1.05) work perfectly fine using the machine=svga_s3 setting in CVS.
Without any game patches, Ripper suffered some in-game graphics corruption unless I chose machine=vesa_oldvbe.

edit: additional info

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I used the patches [rip103.exe and rip105.exe] that I found on some page. Then I used the following guide and dosbox 0.72

1.=== Mount the image file of the first cd 

2.=== Copy the INSTALL folder from the cdrom to your HDD (e.g to a folder C:\Ripper).

3.=== Copy the files named "rip103.exe" and "rip105.exe" (which are included in the donwloaded RARs) to the same folder as above.

4.=== Run both of the above exe files and answer Yes (y) to all the questions.

5.=== Load the DOSBox program.

6.=== Mount your virtual hard drive using the following command

mount c (The path of the directory which contains the INSTALL folder)
e.g mount c C:\Ripper\INSTALL\

7.=== Mount your virtual cdrom which in this case is the virtual drive that the Ripper image file is mounted on.

(e.g. in my PC the virtual drive of Daemon Tools is F:\)
So the command in DosBox is : mount d F:\ -t cdrom

8.=== Run SETUPV.BAT and choose your sound and display options for the game. (ATTENTION : you must be in the c: hard drive before you type this command)

9.=== Run RIPPER.EXE /v /v3. [or ripper.bat]

The game runs fine on low resolution settings.

Any hints on how to make it run on high resolytion through Ripper's configuration setting? Mine gets jerky.