Redneck Rampage

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Redneck Rampage

Postby blumdude » 2003-9-30 @ 18:58

ok i downloaded dosbox, installed it, mounted the proper drive (c:\redneck) and then tried to execute the exe, in full screen mode, with 16 and 32 bit color, with programs running and programs not running, nothing has helped. what happens is that it runs, then closes both the cmd window and the dosbox window.

i have windows xp corporate, athlon 1.3ghz, gig RAM

some assistance or explanation woudl be helpful
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Postby Predator » 2003-9-30 @ 22:02

Use VDMSound instead..
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Re: redneck rampage

Postby Nicht Sehr Gut » 2003-9-30 @ 22:19

Originally posted by blumdude [B]...what happens is that it runs, then closes both the cmd window and the dosbox window.
Does anyone read anymore?

As their site says, the Public release of DosBox will only run 386 "real-mode" games or earlier. "Redneck Rampage" requires a 90MHz Pentium to run it. Since that's well beyond a 386, you can expect it to crash dosbox every time.

You could always try it with one of the (completely unsupported) CVS releases of DosBox, but I can already tell you that's a waste of time.

Even if it could run on DosBox, performance would be a "slideshow"...and a very slow slideshow at that. Unless you plan to get a processor that runs faster than 3GHz, forget about running it with DosBox for a good, long while.

A better idea would be to try running it natively with VDMSound, the major hang-up there is audio quality and (possibly) your video card.
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