Error from Filler

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Error from Filler

Postby Hazekel » 2010-11-02 @ 00:02

As I am installing all my old games on Windows 7 DOSBOX is my best friend, but I recently came upon the strangest error that I have ever seen. When I run the program (CHEWY : ESCAPE FROM F5) I get the error message :

couldn't open error-file

I am then booted out. This occurs immediately after it begins to load DOS/4GW

Does anyone know what this means? I have never seen it before and have been running DOSBOX since 0.65
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Re: Error from Filler

Postby slayerdude18 » 2018-11-24 @ 13:56

did you mount the cd image in daemontools before trying to start the game? btw do you know why with cd based games dosbox has a coding error??
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Re: Error from Filler

Postby lightmaster » 2018-11-24 @ 16:47

Daemon tools serves no purpose, neither to necropost an 8 year post. Are you confused and or aberrated?
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Re: Error from Filler

Postby Dominus » 2018-11-24 @ 18:11

Slayerdude, please do not necropost. Also if you think DOSBox has a coding error, please elaborate in a seperate thread.
But please do yourself the favor and make sure that you operate DOSBox correctly and are using your own real CDs (or images from your own CDs)
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