Halloween Harry V1.1 or Alien Carnage V1

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Halloween Harry V1.1 or Alien Carnage V1

Postby priestlyboy » 2003-11-15 @ 07:37

Both are basically the same game with different titles.

My question is and concern is everytime I play either of those games in Dosbox. The Title Screen and the Main Menu Screen flickers and fades out then fades back in everytime I access them and then it stays on after all that.

It's really annoying and I don't remember that happening when i used to play it on my old 386...

Any Ideas?
I'm also looking for HH v1.2 to test but I can't find it.


P.S. I just tried it with VDMSound which by chance happened to work it only once and it showed other screens that DosBox didn't show like credits and high scores. Also with VDMSound i got plent of bad runtime errors.
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