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I tested Dosbox 0.6 with some games.. and these games arent work (correct):

Hi-Octane (Crash)
Biomenace (Episode 1 works. Episode 2 some grafic errors. Episode 3 crashes)
Sam n Max - hit the Road (CD 2 from Lucas Arts 10 Adventures ... could not find soundcard)
Earth 2140 (no Vesa compatible card to display in 640x480 65k ...)
Transport Tycoon (Crash)

Anybody know a solution ???
Will it be fixed ???

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some of mine non-working games(CVS):
(EDIT 20.12.03)
Alien trilogy - dosbox stops responding
FIFA - pagefault not corrected
Alone in the Dark
Daugter of serpents - black screen
Dawn Patrol - ems handle error, a very strange bug
Overlord - same as Dawn Patrol if core_full used
Digitrakker 3.2 - (real mode)invalid opcode
Fire & Ice - similar error as Alone in the Dark
Full metal planet VGA - black screen
Hounds of Baskerville - unsupported video mode
Mega Motion demo - runtime error-works in dos if pc is slowed down
Prehistorik 2 - black screen
7 cities of gold - PIC error
Corridor 7 demo - runs nop opcodes
Gateway 2 - unhandled bcd timer mode
Simusex -(CPU error with sound, similar to AITD
Theme Hospital - heap error if SB or GUS
Bioforge - no keyboard

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im trying to run Hi-Octane too, but it dosnt work for me either, only it doesnt crash. Theres all the loading stuff (copyrigth and such) and everything looks normal, but then it just goes to a black screen and doesnt do anything. I've lefti it alone for like half an hour and it still didnt do anything, so its not that its just slow. i got version 0.6. Is it impossible to run it? (im new to DOSBox, so i dont know much)

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got exactly the same problem with Transport Tycoon.
Errors sound like "Pagefault didn't correct table" or "Cache overrun".

I have to use it in dynamic core as the emulation (not my pc!) is too slow with the game at normal mode...