How u can run it ????

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How u can run it ????

Postby Jackal » 2003-11-18 @ 12:55

Please contact me at, how u can run bioforge ?
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Postby mirekluza » 2003-11-18 @ 13:01

I doubt people will mail you directly. This board exists so that people can solve their problems together and the solutions are available for others.
It also helps to give more information. Does it crashes or what? Some details.
Not being lazy and write "you" instead of "u" also helps.

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Postby furrykef » 2003-11-18 @ 13:40

Also be warned that a lot of people ignore topics with unhelpful subjects. "How do u run it??" How do we run what? If you think this will get us to look at the message, you are mistaken: many people won't even bother looking at it.

And to answer your question, I don't know.

- Kef

P.S. To quote Strong Bad: "And I don't caaaare how they spell thiiiings on the Interneeet..." Plz uze pr0per speleng k plz thx.
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Postby Snover » 2003-11-19 @ 02:53

no comment.
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