Tie Fighter CD

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Tie Fighter CD

Postby Laish » 2003-11-22 @ 21:56

Hey all,

just wondered if any of you have played Tie CD I have managed to get it running with the CD sound aswell as with midi on DOS Box but when actually playing, the game itself is relatively sluggish.

So do I:

A. Stop moaning and wait for extra functionality in DOS Box/
B. Use VDMS which I've tried to do and have problems with EMS for the game.
D. Look for alternative methods of running the game which hopefully you nice people might suggest (hopefully other than buy an old 486 you muppet).

BTW I have tried altering memory and cycles both before and during running the program and have moved from UNPLAYABLE to BARELY PLAYABLE.

Any tips responses?

Thank you:D
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Postby oneirotekt » 2003-11-23 @ 15:17

Pretty much the same experience I had. It was still fairly unplayable even with a really high frameskip on my 1.2GHz Athlon. Must just be a monster of a game (especially in SVGA!).

If you're running 2K/XP, VDMSound is still a great option for running this game though, I'd try that.
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Postby mikek » 2003-11-25 @ 07:07

I have the floppy disk version of tie fighter

I can get battles to run slowly, by running dos box .58 with vdmsound and starting tf from that

I can not do the training sim because of weird colour and black screen in Train sim interface

I have not tried the other room

The main problem I have is that there is no digital sound only music
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