Cartel$ and Cutthroat$ - help.

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Cartel$ and Cutthroat$ - help.

Postby Moe » 2003-11-26 @ 06:09

Howdy fellas,

I am one step away from finally getting into Cartel$ and Cutthroat$ by SSI.


Downloaded, unzipped, applied the crack, no prob, right?


I load the game, and get the normal "Do you want to start a new game?" prompt, when I answer YES, my system beeps and nothing happens, if I answer no I get the other routine.

I have tried everything I have been able to find, no go.

AMD Duron (997 MHz) Windows 98 240 MB RAM

And to think this one is for educational purposes.

For entertainment purposes I get into KAMPFGRUPPE and WAR IN RUSSIA by SSI (Gary Grigsby) - no problems with those.

Thanks everyone!
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