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Hallo everybody, I am new here and hope someone can help me with my problem.
I have a DOSbox version of Strike commander. All fine except the joystick.
I have a Logitech 3D extreme pro USB. The game recongnize it and ask me to calibrate.
But... the calibraton doesn't work fine.
I mean one recognize immediately that the mouse cursor shift on the upper left.
Practically the calibration place the zero position on the lower right point.
Well I tried to change the speed as suggested in the readme but no hope.
Someone of you has a possibility to suggest ?
Or could you indicate a Joystick model which has no problems?


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Maybe he means that he has the GOG.com version. If it's a pirated version you should really buy the game. Seriously! We don't support warez here. The problem you have can be found in the README file along with the solution.

If controller is working properly outside DOSBox, but doesn't calibrate properly inside DOSBox, try different 'timed' setting in DOSBox's configuration file.

Also it's commented out in the configuration file as well in the [joystick] section.

#        timed: enable timed intervals for axis. Experiment with this option, if your joystick drifts (away).

So change timed=true to timed=false then save the changes and try again. If you don't want to edit the file just type timed=false before running the game.