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I am a little bit stuck with an old game I want to play. The game is Fort Boyard The Legend and it consists of 3 cd's. During the game I need to change the cd frequently.
I managed to run the game with cd 1 but when it asks to put in cd 2 it freezes.
These are the mounting codes I use:

mount D /volumes/legende1 -t cdrom
mount c ~/dosbox/games/legende
call legende.bat

When I confirm the "mount D" code I receive the next message: "MSCDEX: Mounted Subdirectory: limited support"

Any ideas?

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Dosbox questions need to go to the Dosbox forums 😉

The problem with Linux/OS X and multiple real CDs is the way the CDs are mounted by Linux and OSX.
Your 2nd CD will not have the same name in /Volumes.
You willneed to rip them to iso (if there is no Audio track) or bin/cue (when there is an audio track). And then use imgmount in dosbox for those.

Edit: got moderator control of macintosh forum as well and moved the topic, so don't worry 😉

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