Windows 3.1 Sound problem

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Re: Windows 3.1 Sound problem

Postby Marty2dos » 2017-11-23 @ 23:42

I know, this is a old thread but i had under windows 3.1 crazy sound stuttering. Using Sb16 and Gravis Ultrasound. I installed Phantasmagoria 1 und the video for windows played with sound stuttering. A few days before, i installed Darkseed 2. No Problems with video for windows. I compared the 2 Win31 Directorys. No diffs but in the dosbox.conf. If in the dosbox.con Tandy=on, the sound under Windows 3.1 with 'Video For Window' (VFW11E) doesnt works right. Tried various CPU types. No difference. If set Tandy=off/auto, sound output with Video for Windows works. strange... what for a search.....
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