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The game Elysium puts its saved games into a folder PICTURE\⌂, meaning ASCII 0x7F. DOSBox refuses to create this folder, and if I create it myself, it refuses to mount it. That means that saving/restoring is not possible. DOSBox should allow ASCII 0x7F in file and directory names.

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What a strange directory name to use... surely a remnant from the amiga where dos naming restrictions do not apply (sometimes even modern windows can't handle amiga file/dir names 🤣)
Maybe someone can patch the game and replace the 0x7F character with something more compatible in the meantime 😀

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DOSBox. Adding the following patch fixes the issue:

--- dos_files.cpp.old	2016-02-09 22:10:07 +0000
+++ dos_files.cpp 2016-03-12 13:05:51 +0000
@@ -164,6 +164,7 @@
if ((c>='A') && (c<='Z')) continue;
if ((c>='0') && (c<='9')) continue;
+ if (c==0x7f) continue;
switch (c) {
case '$': case '#': case '@': case '(': case ')':
case '!': case '%': case '{': case '}': case '`': case '~':

Note that "fixing" means that the game's INSTALL program is able to create the directory now. If the game has already been installed, you must create the subfolder yourself:

cd picture
mkdir ⌂

And why is this thread appearing in two forums at the same time? I'm pretty sure I created it under "DOSBox Games/Apps", not "DOSBox Multiplayer".

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DOSBox Author

Moved this to DOSBox Games/Apps. You put it in multiplayer, presumably by mistake, and now there is just a placeholder there that redirects here.

FYI, oddball characters normally get added as a case in the switch. There are a few in there already.

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I remember encountering similar situation, to get around it,
instead of mounting usual directory,
i would mount and boot from hdd image that contain barebone bootable MS-DOS (the boot records; IO.SYS; MSDOS.SYS; COMMAND.COM; and some other files that needed during CONFIG.SYS & AUTOEXEC.BAT phase),
and have the game installed on said images.