Network Q Rally Championship - Controller blues

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Network Q Rally Championship - Controller blues

Postby BuckoA51 » 2017-11-25 @ 14:31

I decided to revisit this cool little retro rally game today but instead of having a good time playing I have spent the better part of an hour trying to get the controller to work. The weird thing is I thought it worked properly last time I tried, but I guess I can't be certain. I know Microsoft have messed with the Xbox 360/Xbox 1 DirectInput drivers a lot, so it could be that I suppose.

The problem is, no matter how I set up the controller (using an Xbox One pad), the game always thinks I'm applying the brakes even when the controller isn't pressed. A small dab of the throttle and the brakes come off, but release the throttle (right trigger) and they come on again, even if left trigger isn't pressed.

Things that I've tried-

Recalibrating controller in-game and in Windows
Downloading a custom version of DOSBox from here - that is supposed to let you set controller dead zones, but doesn't seem to work for me (even setting an insanely high deadzone seems to make no difference)
Setting up the controller in-game as a wheel
Setting up the controller in-game as a joystick
Using Xinput Plus with DOSBox to split the axis on the Xbox controller (doesn't work)

Anyone any ideas, or should I just abandon this and put up with all digital controls?
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