Legend of Kyrandia 1 cd sound volume

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Legend of Kyrandia 1 cd sound volume

Postby Serious Callers Only » 2017-12-29 @ 03:34

Ok, this game is weird. If it's configured as MT32/LAPC-1 for the music and Soundblaster for the effects, the voice is very muffled compared to the music. This cd game has no cd audio.

No prob right, mixer to the rescue?

Except that MIXER SB 500 (or another ridiculous value) has no effect. I have to lower down the MT32 value and up the MASTER value before getting higher voices. None of the other mixer devices have a effect (in fact i can put everything except master mt32 (obviously) to 900 and hear no change on the voice.

Final test was running the game without a mixer command and then quitting and checking the mixer value...

On exit it has MIXER values of

SB 10:10
FM 25:25

wtf Westwood

ended up doing

before starting the game. Worried that not all sound effects are MT32 and there is one or another that is SB.
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