Discworld in D-Fend Reloaded - please help

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Discworld in D-Fend Reloaded - please help

Postby MikeBn » 2018-1-20 @ 10:56

Hello everyone,

i would love to play Discworld with Doxbox (using D-Fend Reloaded as a frontend on Windows XP) but i cannot get it to work.
The DOSBox site says its supported, so i must make some mistake. I don't know much about the Frontend, but
until now i got every game to work, but not this time.

I have Discworld on a CD (original). The CD contains 3 items on the top level: One folder called DISCWLD, DISC.BAT and DWU.EXE.
It seems D-Fend offers at least two different ways to install a game. Either using 'add using assisstent' or 'install from source medium'
(i have the german version and i translated it to english, maybe in english the options are named a bit different).
My first problem is that i do not know which way to choose. I had more sucess with 'install from source medium' because
i figured i have it on CD, thats a medium, so i will choose this one. After that i select the checkbox that game files should
be available after installation. it is my understanding that that means that i do not need the CD anymore when everything is done.
Then D-Fend opens a Dosbox-Window and says it could not identify the file to start the game with. I tpye DISC-BAT and
the installation process starts. i choose some random soundcards (Soundblaster xxx) and then the game starts successfully in a small window.
When i stop playing by hitting F1 in the game and choose 'Quit playing' i end up in the DosBox Window again and i type exit to close it.
In D-Fend i see that a game entry Discowlrd has been created but when i double click it to start playing, i doesn't work. The DosBox Window opens
just like in the Installation process described above and it seems to try to do something, but closes again soon after it opened.

I dont know what to do anymore.

Can anybody please help me? Thanks a lot in advance.

Regards Mike
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