Tomb Raider issues

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Tomb Raider issues

Postby Gatekeeper » 2018-3-20 @ 07:56

Hello everyone,

I've been playing Tomb Raider (1996) for several years on DosBox without a hitch... but that was on my old laptop (a Win XP machine). Currently, I have a new desktop, running on Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I use DOSBox SVN r4085. GPU is a GT 740. And now TR is causing some issues.

So here's the deal - I normally use output=opengl because of its good scaling capabilities, however TR's FMV cutscenes cause all sorts of problems when running in fullscreen (screen gets too small, totally black screen, or other distortions appear - "Can't access drawing surface" error messages too). So I tried output=ddraw, which is okay with the FMV's, but it looks really bad - very blocky, heavily pixelated and distorted (I can provide a screenshot, if requested). Curiously, ddraw looks just fine on my office PC, which runs on Windows 10 and has some sort of Intel GPU. But that doesn't help me at all, because I need it to look good on my home/gaming PC.

The workaround I currently use is to switch to windowed mode whenever there is an FMV cutscene... but, as you can probably guess, it's quite annoying. I can't get used to playing in a window, and I don't like the idea of having to be paranoid about upcoming cutscenes and Alt-Entering every time.

So what I need is this: either some way to fix TR's FMV's in output=opengl (fullscreen) or some way to make output=ddraw usable. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

(sorry if my post seems a little messy, it's been a loooong time since I was last active here)
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