Mortal Kombat Trilogy hints and observations

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Re: Mortal Kombat Trilogy hints and observations

Postby Thr1ller » 2018-5-24 @ 15:19

Silanda wrote:Sorry for the slow reply. If you're not running Nvidia hardware, I don't know how to do this but I assume the AMD or Intel control panels can do similar things. If you're not running Windows, I really don't know how to do this.

In order to set the refresh rate, I create a custom resolution with that refresh rate in the Nvidia control panel (Change Resolution - Create Custom Resolution). If Dosbox is running at your desktop resolution (this is easiest), create a mode at your desktop resolution but with the display mode refresh rate to 62, set the timing to manual, and set the refresh in the timing box to 62.46. If you have a 60Hz monitor, this will be slightly overclocking it, but there's a good chance it will work. It's not guaranteed though.

I've settled on 62.46 Hz as the refresh rate now. I don't think it's exactly right, but it's close enough, and I don't have any way of measuring the exact frame rate that precisely.

When you want to play, right click on the desktop, select display settings, advanced display settings, then display adapter properties, and set the refresh rate to 62Hz. You can then run Dosbox. Once you've finished, set the refresh rate back to its normal setting.

If you're not running the latest version of Windows 10, display adapter properties isn't in exactly the same place but you'll still find it through display settings.

Also, I'm using a custom Dosbox build with a VSync patch applied. On a normal build, I think forcing VSync through the Nvidia (or maybe AMD) control panel should work for this game, but turn if off again if you play anything else or you'll get slow down.

Thank you. This is what I wanted to know. So, I'm doing everything right. I highly recommend you to try parameter vsync=host and vsyncrate=Hz your monitor, in SVN build.
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