cannot connect to a Netware Lite 1.1 server

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cannot connect to a Netware Lite 1.1 server

Postby ki-va » 2018-5-21 @ 07:59

hi everybody,
I’m trying to connect to a Netware Lite 1.1 system using Dosbox, but with no luck.
On a normal dos machine I had to run following programs in order to connect to the Netware Lite Server:
3. – nic driver
4. - Netware Lite 1.1 client
5. login <username> <password>
I’ve tried the same sequence on the dos box, but the refuse to load and gives the following comment:
“You must have tow available drives to run the NET utility.
Increase LASTDRIVE in CONFIG.SYS and reboot, or delete drive mappings.”
I have only one mounted drive – the folder containing the files above.
I have tried to add the LASTDRIVE=Z into the dosbox config file.
When I try to use the or the they do not see the server on the network.
I’ve also tried to run the ipxnet startserver command but could not connect as well.
This is my Dosbox conf. file:

please help me connect to the Nwteare Lite server.
Kind regards,
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