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I decided to boot up some KQ7 today and during the intro sequence, something struck me as odd, as I seemed to remember hearing Valanice talk at the beginning, saying something like "where am I?" and then something about finding her child. Well, for whatever reason, not only do I not hear a voice, but there is no talking animation.

Originally I had switched over to SC-55 but I changed back to sound blaster pro for testing, and sound effects were also set on sound blaster. Here's my DOSBox conf file, if necessary. Also, for reference, I have one of the collection cds which I used with Collector's installers to install this game, so it should have whatever patches he included with it. Is this some setting I may have changed and simply am making an oversight, or is something else going on here?

Edit: Found the answer. Reinstalling the game with Collector's installer fixed the problem, so I looked at differences between the older version that wasn't working, and the fresh install. In the older version's resource.cfg, I found this line:

resAUD = <INSTALL>\aud

Instead, it should be

resAUD = .\

I have no idea how this changed as I certainly never manually changed this line. Could this have been done by playing around in the setup program when I was changing music/sound drivers or something like that? I don't see how; it doesn't give me any options to change directories... Anyways, problem solved, but if anyone has a theory as to how this might've changed I'd be glad to hear it. I did also install these midi fixes after using Collector's installer, but doing this didn't cause the voices to stop working.

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collector wrote:

What does the RESOURCE.CFG on CD say?

 directory = \sierra\kqc\kq7d
videoDrv = VESA.DRV
soundDrv = ADL.DRV
joyDrv = NO
cmd = KQ7
mouseDrv = NONE
memoryDrv = NONE
minMemory = 1600k
brightness= 0
language = 1
minCPU = 386
CD = yes

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Just the stock one. No idea. The path is set by the installer., which in the case of the original one should end up pointing to the CD.

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