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I'm completely new to DOSBOX, just trying to help a friend play this old game. We're running Linux Mint 19 and I downloaded the Linux version of Drilling Billy from the official site.

When I run the .EXE, I get an error that the CD-ROM drive isn't detected. Our computer doesn't even had an optical drive, so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. I really appreciate any help!

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First of all, if you downloaded the Linux version of the game, you don't need DOSBox.

But if you're using the DOS version of the game, it probably wants to see its original CD in the drive when there isn't one.

If the files you have comprise the entirety of what came with the game, a solution might be to simply mount the folder as the D: drive with the cdrom option, like so:

mount d /thefolderthegameisin -t cdrom

This sets the D: drive as a CD-ROM and programs will see it as such. You could try launching the game from there.

I flermmed the plootash just like you asked.

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Hey, thanks a bunch for the advice! And you are right, it's the DOS version, I was just following the Linux instructions.

Well, that got me a bit further! When I mounted the directory it said this: Mounted subdirectory: limited support Not sure if that's of any consequence.

I ran the EXE and it loaded up the main menu screen! I was able to move the selection around the screen, open the options menu, etc. I chose to start a game and it dumped me back on the DOS prompt with this message:

cd must be in drive d while playing

So close! Any other ideas that might help? Thanks so much.

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There should be a CD-image in the download (CLONE.CUE/CLONE.IMG). Mount that with imgmount in DOSBox:

mount c /somePath/
imgmount d /pathToFile/CLONE.CUE -t cdrom

You can even re-install the game from the CD-image if you want.