Star Trek A Final Unity - Mouse and sound issue

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Star Trek A Final Unity - Mouse and sound issue

Postby daspectrum » 2018-12-24 @ 02:24


im fairly new to the dos emulation work. I have run into an issue that if someone could five me some advice would be great. the issue i am having is that i configure the sound in the STTNG.ini and dosboxconf.ini file the same for the sound card SB16 port 220 irq 0x7 dma 0x5 hdma 0x5 which allows the sound to come out perfectly. This however stops the mouse, you cant move it you cant capture it nothing it is just as dead as a doorstop. you change the dma setting to 0x1 settings you get no sound and your mouse is moving (this is the only combination i have had to get the mouse moving) does anyone have some advice i have tried numerous combinations there has to be a conflict here but i cant pin point it.
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