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I've recently been playing some of my old Sierra games again using the most recent version of DosBox. Sound is played on my 1st generation MT-32 with 1.07 roms.
I noticed that, despite the use of delaysysex in the midi configuration, there are still a couple of games that produce a buffer overrun on the MT-32. One of the games that comes to mind that has the problem is The Colonel's Bequest.

I read somewhere in another thread that delaysysex is not supported by DosBox 0.74. I'm not sure if this also applies to the version 0.74-3 that I'm currently using. It does make a difference in many other games so my guess is that the current version does support it...

This is the configuration used :

midiconfig=2 delaysysex

Any ideas?

...but I might be wrong...