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is there a good mouselook program for blood 1?

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You probably know this already, but if not, there are two *excellent* modern Windows remakes of the Blood game engine; BuildDGX and NBlood. Using either of these fixes all of the problems and limitations of the original DOS engine. BuildGDX also supports (plays) "Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, Redneck Rampage, Witchaven and TekWar with more games coming in the future releases." [quoted from it's web page]. I've not tried it with games other than Blood, but it plays Blood more or less perfectly (it was designed for Blood first).

BuildGDX is for Java, so you can download two versions of it, one that needs Java to be installed on your PC, and one that works without Java installed as Java is included in the BuildGDX download (it doesn't install Java, so use this version if you don't want Java installed on your PC).

https://m210.duke4.net/index.php/downloads/do … ava/54-buildgdx

I've not tried NBlood, but it's reputedly very authentic and popular. It's a normal Windows program, so you don't need Java or anything, but for some reason, at the moment NBlood is only available in 64 bit, though it's open-source, so perhaps you can compile a 32 bit version if necessary.