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PALASM is an old DOS software for creating files to program into PALs (Programmable Array Logic).
I have installed DOSBox 0.74 on a Fedora Linux box. Installation of DOSBox works fine.
The PALASM software comes in a number of zip files, each representing the contents (files, not image) of a floppy.
I unpacked the zip files into directories and used "mount a ~/dosprogs/PAL_DIR/DISK1" to mount the first "disk" as A:
Default is set to A: and the installation was started with "A:\>install". The installation program starts nicely and installs everything on the first disk.
The installation program asks me to change disk in A:
How can I mount a new directory on A: and make the installation program see a disk change on the floppy drive???
Maybe this is obvious to seasoned DOSBox users, but I am new to DOSBox.
What is the trick?

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Use a file manager or terminal to delete all files in ~/dosprogs/PAL_DIR/DISK1 and copy the contents of the next disk there. After that press CTRL-F4 in DOSBox to update the directory cache.