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Good Evening,

I am hoping someone can assist with this game. I own the original 4 CD set of Under A Killing Moon. I have recently installed DOSBOX 0.74, and i am running Windows XP. Based on all the help on the internet, i was able to run this game fairly well. The game loads well, and the video seems to run at a normal pace. I am having the strangest issue that as the video plays, lets say i have disk 1 playing, and i am viewing the INTRO, (in Tex's office with the PI talking with him) The moment Tex falls backwards on the chair, the video scene right after should be the full motion "Day Change" scene (DAY 1- Cuffing up Flemm) For some reason, my game completely skips this video and goes right to Tex flipping cards in his hat.
Can anyone please tell me why this is happening? I have all my settings in CONFIG set to high, and on DOSBOX- cycles set to max. If anyone can please assist, it would be much appreciated. Thank you.