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I went back to a real classic: Into the Eagles Nest by Mindscape

Somehow I don't remember moving around being so trippy.
Anyone else have this problem or was it always this way ?

Thanks 😁

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The game is responding promptly to keys for me, but the problem might be how you use keys. Try pressing and releasing the cursor keys, don't hold them down -- this is because keys are read through BIOS and thus subject to auto-repeat and buffering. If the key buffer fills up with auto-repeat cursor keys then it will be awhile before other keys are acted on, which could account for the delayed response mentioned in the thread title.

The man you control continues moving in the current direction without input, so there's no need to hold keys down; however, if you "about face" then you need to press and release the key again to start moving in that direction. IMO, the keypad works better than the enhanced cursor keys because the center (5) key can be used to stop moving without doing an "about face".

You might be interested to know that holding cursor keys down works better if the keyboard hardware repeat rate is minimized. This can be done with MODE from real DOS, or a more specialized utility like Turbokey (using the command "turbokey z1" in this case).