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It is not too difficult to distinguish between skateboarding enthusiasts and normal skateboarders and nonskaters. For those who never play skateboard or just watch it on television, skateboarding is no different than other sports. Skateboarding enthusiasts or gearheads consider skateboarding as an instrument to show off. Those who truly understand skateboards and what their core values are will treat it as a way of life.

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There are a lot of ways you can take in a skateboarding lifestyle. Sometimes, you just need to combine somethings together. So what are those “ somethings” things? Keep reading because we are going to list them out here!

The attitude: Many people think badly of skateboarders. They are considered rude and unruly. But this is not actually true. Some skateboarders may be quite edgy but they are really friendly. Although sometimes they can be a bit straight forward in criticizing the performance of a particular skateboarder. Due to the strong nature of skateboarding, it has made their personalities tougher.

However, the skateboarding community is known as a very tightly-knit community. This destroys the former thought of skateboarders are rude and rowdy. Even if you had met someone rude, but they are not the same. Besides those who are somewhat rude, there are also skateboarders who are quite gentle and friendly. We can not say the same for everybody.


The clothing style: Having to say that skateboarding style and its costume are inseparable. The outfit must be comfortable and fashionable enough so that skateboarders will have the best skateboarding experience. You will know the personality of a skater through the clothes he wears. One of the very important accessories that every rider must have is a pair of shoes. It is vital because it helps you to have better skating. Shoes designed for skateboarding help players stand stably on the deck or work as a brake in case of an emergency. Those who like doing tricks, a pair of good shoes will be a perfect company.

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The individuality: Skateboarding is more like an individual sport and skateboarders love performing individually. Independence gives them the freedom to perform the tricks they like. When they work alone, the desire to make a difference to be more noticeable encourages them to create more unique tricks. The individuality is also expressed through the clothes they wear, as I said above. Someone who likes the difference will not dress like anyone.

Creativity: Skateboarding is an endless creative art that requires players must constantly develop themselves, creating new tricks to have the edge on their peers. Easy tricks are easy to be copied, that's why skateboarders have to invent difficult, complicated, unique, and novel tricks. Some skaters even create tricks that make their names.

The language: Like every field, skateboarding also has a set of terms. Skateboarders use it to communicate with other members of a group. Nonskaters can not understand this language, it is like you are an America hearing other Chinese talking ( in case you don’t know Chinese). When specific terms are available, skaters will be more likely to discuss skateboarding-related topics. It is also used as a tool to identify professional skateboarders.

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