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I am not entirely sure how to even approach this matter as i am not sure what is not working here - i got Domarks Flight sim toolkit cdrom boxed copy recently and have installed it into one of these nifty ready made versions of Dosbox that are loaded with windows3.1 already - as the FST requires win3.1 (the flight sims one makes though are just for dos only)

and it all seems to be running as fine as i would expect - clunky and old of course, but i am making a little scenario of a spitfire flying around Dover and then will add enemies if i can get past this first goal
the problem i am running into is that i make all the parts and go to run it but then get a message that my screen is only 320pixels wide but my cockpit. pcx is 640pixels - what i want to know is how would this be happening? i mean, the dosbox conf shows its using the us S3 Svga display for both the win3.1 and dosbox generally - wouldnt this mean then that the 640x480 resolution is automaticaly already available?

i just want to know how to get FST/the sim, or whatever part to recognise the 640x480 is available for it. - or would it be something that the settings for the win3.1 would need to have when using the FST in win3.1?