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Gods (c) 1991 The Bitmap Brothers (published by Renegade Software)

When choosing one of the combinations that tries to load PADLIB.BIN the program crashes as that file is not present.

I found another version in Gods PC Review Cover Disc from 1991 albeit under another filename CADLIB.BIN

After copying PBEEPER.BIN/PTANDY.BIN to PADLIB.BIN the game starts (with other problems) confirming that the file is required. Replacing it with CADLIB.BIN just causes another crash although I think that it should be packed.

I narrowed it down to any combination of the following:

Display: Tandy 16 colour
Sound : Adlib/Roland LAPC-1/Sound Blaster

dosbox error messages:
15106392: FILES:file open command 0 file padlib.bin
495495916: CPU:CPU:GRP5:Illegal Call 7
495495916: CPU:Illegal/Unhandled opcode FF7F
495495917: CPU:Illegal Unhandled Interrupt Called 6

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Edit: Well, that's good enough for the intro (sort of, see the Roland "initializing" message in Tandy graphics), but the game itself does not seem happy with sound options other than Tandy when using Tandy graphics. Maybe Beeper works, too, didn't try that. Anyway, I guess that's not too surprising since other sound options never worked without the copy trick.