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I am new to DOSBox.

I am installing a product that uses 4 disks labeled "GAMENAME 1" through "GAMENAME 4"
It checks the drive label between each phase of the install.

I have each disk extracted to a different folder


This lets me mount the install disk

mount b "c:\games\gamedisk1\" -t floppy -label "GAMENAME 1"

The install gets through the first disk, but then it prompts me for a disk labeled "GAMENAME 2", but I can't get back to DOSBox to swap the label because I'm mid-install.

What do I do?

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jmarsh wrote on 2020-07-05, 03:07:

Don't extract the disks, keep them as images and mount them all using imgmount. You can then switch between them using ctrl-F4.

This is the best way, but you will need an SVN built of Dosbox

Windows 3.1x guide for DOSBox
60 seconds guide to DOSBox

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As mentioned, get dosbox svn, dosbox ece or dosbox-x and don't mount them as folder mounts, but rather as disk images with a command similar to this.

imgmount a disk1.ima disk2.ima disk3.ima disk4.ima

You can start the install, and when it asks for disk 2, swap the disk with the disk-swap key combination.